Great salmon river with a genuine breed

The salmon in Årøy has a very high average weight, in the top range in Norway, the salmon being short and strong, in fact the Årøy-salmon is similar to the river itself; short and powerful!

Strong current, especially in the upper parts of the river, fishing from spectacular bridges and platforms, turns the angling to be both challenging and thrilling even with grilse on the fly.

The river stretch of approx. 1500 meters, can be naturally divided into three sections:

  • The upper part, ab. 900 meters, with fast water and a rather strong current with nice pools. And fish from the soft pastures from the river banks and the characteristic and legendary platforms (bridges); The platforms of Despair, so lively declared by Charles Ritz in his book, " A fly fishers life".
  • The middle part - approx. 300 meters – all rapids which make it impossible to fish.
  • The lower part, the estuary, approx. 300 meters, is influenced of high and low tide. Compared to the upper part of the river, this is a relatively quiet area, where you can wade, fish from the banks or the platforms.

Few other rivers than Årøy River can boast salmon over 30 kg. And the big ones are still here. However, not as large, but every year we take salmons of 15–25 kg during the season, or in connection with work to capture of brood fish in the autumn.

The rent includes accommodation in a separate cabin village in the picturesque surroundings overlooking the estuary and the fjord. It also includes a gillie/fishing guide and all meals, where we put great emphasis on good and tasty food based on our wonderful ingredients from the district around.